Thursday, March 6, 2008

Back to sushi zeal again and again calgary alberta

Yes thats right I have returned not once but twice in two weeks to this quaint sushi shop thats parked right in the middle of Kensington in Calgary. This was more of a meal than a review and I've already done that. They rate pretty high in my books right now. I definitivly prefer them over globe fish. so here are a few shots.

They have this one piece (the middle one) crispy salmon, amazing. A little bit of sauce and cooked salmon. The top right one is a piece of squid I think it was. If you can see the chef has sliced the piece into small cubes almost (outside only) and this helps tenderize the squid. Interesting and chewy.

It has been a while since I had a cone. This one in particular was sweetened omelet(tamago) and Bbq eel (unagi) also very tasty.

A well adorned veggie roll

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and sorry about lack of updates XD