Thursday, May 10, 2007

Zeal Sushi Kensignton Calgary

Sushi Zeal 101-227 10 Street NW Calgary

Entering this quaint and familiar spot, I recall its fresh décor and modern feel. Illuminated by lanterns and natural light it gave the entire restaurant a very calm feel. The entirety of the setting is very inviting and appealing. It’s amazing location adds to the valued cultural experience, and fits into the community perfectly. Being nestled between The raging belt line and SAIT College, Kensington is full of bright and modern businesses, this one is no different.

I was also impressed with the quality of the service. The waitress was very kind and even asked the chef about pickled pieces or Hikari-Mono. This item is not yet popular in the West, but I’m hopping to find it eventually.

As usual I kept my order fairly simple, yes I had been before but I had not written much about it. I tried a few pieces of a friends roll, they called it a caterpillar roll. This was a nice roll, it had alphalpha sprouts, unagi, cucumber and topped with avocado. It was really nice, the different textures mixings and interesting tastes. First real “new / unique” roll I’ve had and I was impressed. I’ve found a new avenue to venture down during this trip.

From left to right. The Mackerel was simply amazing! I was looking for aji( a type of hikari-mono) but instead I got this, a very pleasant surprise too. It had a very thin slice of lemon on top of it which added so much to the piece. The citrus mixing with the shoyu, sabi and fish underneath left me very impressed. The maguro was also very pleasant, melting as it should. The sake was of a nice thickness, little bit bigger than the mouth but a healthy serving. Then there was the ebi, and a very well balanced tamago, place number three to have good tamago. The Inari was alright and the unagi was, as in the caterpillar, amazing.

With all this and a little more in mind I would give this place a 8 out of 10. It gets its points from location, décor, service, taste, ingenuity, selection and creativity overall. They also get points for having very fresh, home made miso soup. Applause to the miso!

That’s all folks! Mata ne!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Osaka Sushi House on 16th Ave Calgary P.2

I returned to the sushi house a few days ago. Coming through the door this time I woke the poor chef. The owner was walking around, making sure that I was properly served. I'll admit I felt a little special eating there this time. As I expected, the food and service this time were much better.I didn't order much on account of not being overly hungry and only needing a few pieces for what I'm working on. I ordered a california roll, unagi, a tuna hand cone, toro, surf clam and ebi. Most was fresher although the toro and tuna wasn't all the way up there. Still a very nice dish. I must remember to ask to add wasabi to the pieces though. Neither osaka or Kyoto had wasabi on their piece. It's a little bit of a piss off not to get the whole taste.
Here are the pictures!
Enjoy, Mata yo.