Monday, August 4, 2008

Urban Diner Edmonton Alberta 12427 102 Avenue NW

Best two weeks of my life started 5 days before the Urban Dinner incident. We had just got off a 6 hour bus ride down from Ft. Mac, capital of newfoundland and primary producer of oil in Canada. Pumping out more oil than you could dream of, and yet I still managed to be cheery. J, A and I were all pretty peckish, but two of us had never really spent any time in Edmonton. What were we to do? Well the only thing we could do, and that was trust our friend. Am I glad we did! He has spent the summer looking for hip places to eat, have coffee and occasionally hang. This was deffenitively a good find.

There were black and white photos all over the wall. We actually took a few minutes to take the walk around. Most of the pictures were of normal coffee/breakfast place items such as cups, sugar, spoons, plates etc. All well shot and carefully hung. Repetitive a little but I guess most people don't walk around.

I can't even remember what J and A were eating but I do know I had this weird wrap with beans and eggs and veggies. It came with a side of cubed breafast potatoes that were scrumptious, and two dips. One was a sour cream and the other was a sweet chili sauce. Together they were amazing.

They also made an ice tea beverage there that was kind of the specialty of the house. If you like ice tea, you might enjoy that. A and J both enjoyed it, myself not being an ice tea fan should have gone for milkshake.

Again I'm not going to rate them although I will say again that this was an awesome find. If your like me at all, I'll probably never be able to find this place again. But if your a local or know your way around Edmonton, try it out, it might suprise you.

Woods Restaurant in Canmore


Havn't really been doing too much in terms of independant stuff so far this summer which is a little bit of a bummer but I did take a lot of good pics this summer and managed to try quite a few good restaurants. I'll be posting quite a few over the next day or two. They won't be as detailed as some of the other ones, but I'll try and get my memory going as much as possible.

In the few days that I was working franticaly to get 10 good shots of misc "Calgary Heritage" for this company I took a few hour trip up to the mountains. While navigating through JV(buddy/driver) has the great idea of going a little further in the mountains to have some lunch. We get to Canmore which is this small little mountain town and sit down at the first outdoor patio we found. Right the end of the main road, where most of the shopping and activity seemed to be in town, we found the Woods and their massive patio. The main reason for our pick was for the open air. The view of the mountains that came up on every side was fantastic.

Both JV and I were in a burger mood so I went with the pacific coast salmon burger(Above) and he had the mushroom mozza burger. The salmon burger had a heavy terriyaki and ginger taste(note the healthy helping of white pickled ginger). The use of spinach as greens was well recieved.I can't talk much on his but he seemed to enjoy it.

The prices were a little high mind you. I think each of these burgers came to the 12-14 range and 6 dollars a drink. All in all I was happy with the location, the food was terrific, service was alright. It may have cost a little bit more than I'm used to paying for a burger but it was worth it.
I'm not going to rate this one because it was a while ago.

Mata ne!

ps: I know it's not sushi but ... ya :P