Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Boogies Burgers 8th ave & Edmonton Tr NE

How could I resist deviating away from sushi to talk about this little spot off of Edmonton trail and 8th Street NE? This place has been flipping some of the biggest, juiciest local beef since the sixties, and I doubt the portions have gotten any smaller. What was a family run venture but a few years ago, the recent shift in management has had little impact on the food. Their shakes are still made with hard ice cream(now Chapmans), that comes in a multitude of different flavors, and forget the bag stuff, their chips are sliced and diced on location!

So here, we work on a imperial system, 1/4, 1/2, and full lbs of prime AAA Alberta Beef. Now there is a claim! Although we live in the land of beef and the town of cow, but not everywhere actually claims this making me wonder on the quality and distance that that meat has traveled.

Now its been a few years since I had last been to Boogies but I had totally forgotten how BIG these burgers were! The bun was easily the size of my hand spread out, 7-8 inches across! and so was the patty and the layer of condiments. I decided to go all out and get some mushrooms and cheese and chowed it all down with some yam fries, and a tiger shake to go with it. For those not familiar with tiger or tiger tail, its a fusion of orange and licorice , and it has got to be the best ice cream flavor in the world!

To go with the chips, and or some of the burgers, they had this spicy plum sauce that had a real kick to it. Not as hot as rooster, but way more of a kick than franks. Chips were good, nice and sweet, the fries were pretty traditional soft light fluffy, very home style, little bit of rock salt on that or fry spice and your good to go. Ketchup too of course.

I have a hard time deciding about burger joints but I only have a few points of reference. I definitively rank Boogies Burgers over Peters Drive in ANY day, but I'm not sure how it stands with the Burger Inn, so for now it's a tie. Price is better than the Inn, but fairly expensive compared to Peters, a 1/4lb with 2 extra condiments plus thing of fries and milkshake about 13-14$. Quality is rockin', everything tasted great, I could barely finish the fries, i was stuffed off a 1/4lb. Not as much selection in terms of meat at Boogies, but more style, personalized burgers and a selection of other foods.

I'm not rating this one but consider it high up there!

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I read about it some days ago in another blog and the main things that you mention here are very similar